In the Café Mathias and his team are waiting to welcome us to a fabulous Convention 2021.

Mathias, who is the daily manager and chef, takes great pride in serving well-made food with focus at quality and Danish raw materials at a reasonable price.

In cooperation with Mathias, we have put together a real good and delicious menu at a price far below the normal price.

We would like to thank Mathias for all his good advice and guidance as well as his understanding to our requests. If you pass by Ishoj and need some bits and pieces, we highly recommend the Café and Today’s Offer – Have a good time and enjoy your meal!

The Convention menu 2021

Pre-order your food, help us saving waste of food and obtain discount!

Friday supper 5:00 to 7:00 pm

Beer braised pork jaws with root vegetables, mashed potatoes and salad bar.

Served as buffet

Price 10 €. No order price XX €.